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1 to 1 Mentorship with Jack Denmo
4 x 1 Hour Private Calls to Level Up Your YouTube Channel & Business.

YouTube & Marketing

Get 4 x 1 Hour Calls with Jack covering everything related
to YouTube, Social Media and marketing including:

  • Growing a YouTube channel to 850,000+ subscribers
  • ​Video & Content Creation
  • ​Creating & Marketing Your Niche
  • Getting Organic Leads through YouTube
  • ​Converting Leads to Paying Customers
  • Monetization & Product Offers
  • ​Writing, Storytelling & Speaking
  • ​Video Editing, Thumbnails, Titles etc
  • ​SEO, Optimization, Marketing
  • Custom Strategy Sessions to Achieve YOUR Goals
Over the course of 4 sessions I will walk you through how to build a YouTube & social media platform based on your specific needs.
 Whether you want to generate organic leads to your existing business OR turn your passion into content: I got you covered.

Note: Payment page says "1 hr" but $1997 actually covers 4 x 1 hour sessions (4 hrs total)


REMEMBER- Coaching is Tax Deductible ;)

Find & Monetize Your Niche in 1-3 months
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How It Works..

Book Your Call

Select a suitable time and book your first session. We will be spreading out the 4 x 1 hour sessions depending on your needs and desired results.

Fill Out Our Form

Fill out our in-depth intake form so that we know your current situation & desired results.

 It is important to fill out as much information and detail as possible so that we can prepare before hand to help you the most effectively.

The Coaching Calls

During our Coaching Call we assess your unique situation, desires and goals. We then work together to create a Step-by-Step Plan so that you can get the results you desire!
After completing your coaching call it is CRITICAL to actually go out and take action and follow the steps we agreed on to get your desired results!
Some of my results & case studies..
  • Grew a YouTube channel to 850,000+ subscribers & 60,000,000+ video views
  • Grew a YouTube channel to 110,000+ subscribers & 6,000,000+ video views in 3 months
  • Grew a TikTok page to 1,100,000+ followers in 3 months
  • ​Grew a TikTok page (podcast) to 180,000+ followers in 2 months
  • ​Grew a TikTok page (advice) to 92,000+ followers in 1 month
  • ​Grew a Facebook Page to 175,000+ followers
  • ​Grew an Instagram Page to 70,000+ followers